Hair Loss Remedies

Provillus helps people across the world to recover from hair loss and to prevent further hair loss from occurring. Some hair loss is natural since everyone has a natural rate of hair loss and regrowth that keeps the hair healthy. But when hair starts to fall out in large quantities people can get concerned and look for hair loss solutions.


Provillus is a medical treatment designed to help with hair loss, and comprises a two-part regimen. The first part of this regimen is a topical application. The second part is a pill taken once daily. This combined treatment appears to be very effective in reducing the effects of hair loss due to male pattern baldness in particular. There are some reasons for hair loss which will not be suitable for provillus treatment such as the hair loss associated with cancer treatment. And you should seek medical advice to help you with treatment for that hair loss which may only be temporary in any event and may not need any specific treatment other than time and patience.


Hair loss is a major problem which affects a lot of people, both young and old and recognises no cultural or class boundaries, it is a worldwide problem and It can have a serious influence on a person’s self confidence and how they interact with others. Baldness often happens in males at a much younger age than females and lager hair loss in the twenties is not uncommon and of course, hair loss is more of a male problem but serious hair loss for women can start around the time of menopause because of the various hormonal changes taking place.


If you were to read many provillus reviews then you would find that many customers are absolutely delighted with their results which it has to be said do not happen overnight. It could be however that if you are male and your hair loss is due to any other reason but male pattern baldness, Provillus may not be the right product for you. On the other hand Provillus seems to have developed into one of the leading hair loss products on the market and testimonials often mentioned the surprising speed with which hair has been found to regrow. Another common theme appears to be increased confidence in social situations because the user has been able to cover their bald spots and reduce the thinning.


So why does provillus work? The causes of baldness are different between males and females. Hair loss in men is mainly caused by DHT which is produced from testosterone causing the hair follicles to thin as it cuts off vital blood flow. The relationship between the amount of DHT in a man’s body is associated with the risk of experiencing baldness. The higher the DHT levels, the higher the risk of developing bald patches and thinning.
For women the news is more complicated as there can be a number of causes. However female pattern baldness often shows up when women reach menopause. Not too many women have to deal with balding problems at a young age and the reasons for that are often temporary like pregnancy. However hair loss in women often has a bigger psychological impact on women as it is not as common as male pattern baldness and women tend to be more aware of the condition in social situations and suffer more embarrassment.


For both men and women, Provillus contains natural ingredients that have been used for many years in the treatment of hair loss. Provillus for men is a unique blend of herbs, vitamins and extracts that aim to prevent DHT from damaging hair follicles. That together with the topical treatment helps thinning hair in affected areas to grow back thick and strong again. The combined effect of an oral supplement and a topically applied treatment seems to be enough for many men to find their hair regrowing as a result.


Provillus for women contains similar all-natural ingredients that specifically target the wide range of reasons leading to female hair loss.. These help replace the lost hair bur also lead to increased hair growth and the restoration of hair to a fuller thickness and better health.

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