Nerve Pain In Legs

nerve pain in legsMany people walk around in nerve pain in legs and they have no idea what is going on or how to change it. The fact is that nerve pain often comes from an injury that has nothing to do with the legs at all. Most of this pain radiates from and is rooted in the spine. If you feel this type of pain and it seems to be getting worse, you can do more than just deal with it. You should get it taken care of, especially if it seems that things are getting worse. You may have serious damage that needs immediate medical attention.

What you may not know is that not all leg pain comes from something you have done to your legs or your feet. Nerve pain in legs can come from the spine. This is often called sciatica and can be very painful. Those with this condition often do not understand that the pain is not based in their legs. They try to do things differently with their legs, feet, and footwear but nothing helps. This is because modifying the leg is not the answer. It does not matter how you stand on it or what you wear on your feet if the pain is coming from your back.

Most with nerve pain in legs have a problem with the spine. One problem can be that the spine is out of line or dislocated. The hips can be effected too, which can lead to the same type of pain. This is often not the result of other damage, which means there is an easy fix. You can visit your doctor or you can go to your chiropractor. If your spine and the rest of your body can be realigned, you can have relief before you even walk out of the office. If you get fast relief, you know your problem was minor, even though it did not feel that way.

The other problem is a bigger issue for you if you have nerve pain in legs. This could be the result of a disk problem in your back. There are a few terms like slipped disk, herniated disk, or crushed disk, but they all mean the same thing. You have a damaged disk in your back. This means the padding between your spinal vertebrae has been compromised and something inside there is pressing on the main nerves that shoot down to your feet. Some have it in the right leg, but a few have it in the left or both.

If you have nerve pain in legs from a disk issue, you are going to have to get it fixed eventually. This will not heal on its own. There are some things that you can do to help though, that will alleviate some of the pain. Losing weight helps take the pressure off of your back. You can start to wear flats instead of heels, and you should quit smoking if you smoke. If you lose control of your bladder or cannot have a bowel movement, or if you fall or lose feeling and reflex in either foot, get yourself to the ER immediately, as you have a serious problem that needs medical attention. Otherwise, talk to your doctor about pain management and eventual surgical intervention.

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